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Thank you for such a short wonderful stay at your maison – the wine, food, room and hosts were perfect.


Kind regards


Jon and Lesley


A woody minimalism from Alain, music lover, painter, craftsman, keen cyclist and font of local knowledge, and Isabelle, who loves to cook. In big bedrooms of monastic simplicity, nothing distracts from the natural warmth of old tiles and Alain's smooth, contemporary, local-wood furniture: all is light, space, harmony. The magnificent room under the rafters is used for exhibitions of Alain's creativity. Isabelle's lush village garden centres on its potager and there's a little path through the 'wild' wood beyond: this big house is a meeting of market-place and wilderness where people grow

Thank you, dear Isabelle, for a delightful and very restful stay at your beautiful home.  I especially enjoyed and appreciate the achievement of bringing the new into the very old, blending the present with the past.  Each space is a delicious feast for the eyes.  And breakfast!  all your wonderful confitures were a treat to the palate.  You could not have made it more pleasant for us.
Best regards, Priscilla

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