Bed and breakfast

      When was the last time you slept in a bed designed and handcrafted by your host ?

Indeed all the fourniture in this lovely home is the work of Aain as are all the artworks.

     As to the furnishings, they show the creative flair of Isabelle, and combine to make a harmonious and relaxing whole.

      you can spend a relaxing time in a spacious and harmonious place with 4 rooms available :

      1) "Chambre aux coqs and chambre coté tour) Suite of 2 rooms with bathroom which can accomodate up to 7 people.

      2) "Chambre coté jardin" family room with bathroom up to 6 people

      3) "Chambre de l'ormeau" room for 2 or 3 with bathroom

      4) "Chambre la cabine" room for 1 or 2 with bathroom.


      A large round table can sit 15 people which is ideal for a family meal.